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The www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com helps people finding a Srilankan Government Jobs by listing known Sri lankan Government vacancies in an easy to search database with powerful alert tool. The following summarizes frequently asked questions about the Job List.

Why did you create  the Job List?

I believe that outstanding people contribute to an effective Government System. If you are committed to the Government job the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com is a great tool to help you find your spot in the Sri lankan Government.

What does www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com do?

The page automatically collects vacancies from Government Ministry, Departments, Board, Banks, and other government organisations, stores information about them in a database and lists these job opportunities for you. You can search the list for duty station, organisation and / or any keyword in the title of the post.

Is the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com an official Government service?

There is no official Sri lankan Government site which lists all Government related jobs. Be skeptic of any website claiming to be the official portal having all vacancies of the Sri lankan Government system and/or promising easy applications and worry free ways into the Government system.

The way it works is that pretty much every organisation in the Government System has their own official job website but there is no official way to see all Government vacancies in one place. So in a nutshell the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com is not an official Government service. However, HR professionals in the Government system see the need for having a comprehensive view over different vacancies and thus have worked with me directly to get their vacancies onto the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Joblist.

Does the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List cover Private vacancies?

No, the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com  Job List covers Sri lankan Government vacancies only. So the jobs should be relevant for everyone. However, depending on the organisation there may be restrictions (such as vacancies being open only to certain nationals etc.).

Future development

I’m continuously expanding the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List. But if you have any suggestion on what to improve, which organisations to add or any other general comment, just drop me a line via the comment box below.


The www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List is a strict non-profit project by Gunaratnam Visagan and is not an official Srilankan Government page. I created the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List since I believe that great people make the Government system great. So when I realized, how hard it is to get an overview over the Srilankan Government vacancies in the Government system I decided to do my share to make it easier for people to find their spot in the Srilankan Government.

It should go without saying but just to be perfectly clear: I don’t speak for my employers and I don’t speak for anyone else either. None of my links, comments or retweets constitute any endorsement neither from myself nor from my employers.

If you have any questions regarding any of the jobs listed, please contact the organization directly.

Privacy Policy:

Collection of Information
The www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List collects personally identifiable information, like names or email addresses, if www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List users do voluntarily submit this kind of information. The information you provide is used only to fulfill your specific request e.g. to receive the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List e-mail alert.

Cookie/Tracking Technology
This site uses Google Analytics to generate user statistics. Google Analytics technology is useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the site, and understanding how visitors use the site. Personal information cannot be collected via Google Analytics.

Distribution of Information
No information collected by the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List is shared with anyone. Specifically, I do NOT sell/rent/lease any data to any spammers (or telemarketers if you prefer that term).

Commitment to Data Security
I do what I can do to keep your information secure. All emails and newsletters from this site allow you to opt out of further messages.


Your help is needed:

The www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List is a strictly non-profit project. Any costs associated with the project are paid by me only. I don’t accept donations, there are only google advertisements on the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List and there is no other revenue associated with the site. Thus I don’t have any resources for spreading the word. I’m convinced the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List is a good resource and should be known and used by those who want to contribute to a better Sri lankan Government.
If you agree with that, please help to spread the word. Please help me help great people finding their spot in the Sri lankan Government – please tell your friends and colleagues about the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List. If you have a blog, please tell your audience about the www.srilankagovernmentjobs.com Job List.

Thank you very much.

If you have a question about the site, please feel free to drop a line via the comment box below.


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