Management assistant supra grade 2018 – Limited Competitive Examination of Promotion

Promotion to Management Assistant Supra Grade – Limited Competitive Examination of Promotion into Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants’
Serivce – 2017 – Ministry of Public Administration and Management

Management assistant supra grade 2018
Management assistant supra grade 2018

Management Assistant Supra Grade SECTION one of para 4, para 6 and the closing date of calling applications mentioned in 7(b) of the Examination
notification for “Limited Examination to promote into Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants’ Service – 2017”
published in Gazette No. 2039 dated 29th September, 2017, of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is revised as follows :

(i) Only the Section one of para 4 is revised as follows :

Recruitment relevant to 50% of the vacancies of the Supra Grade as at 31.12.2017 will be made on the results of the Limited Competitive Examination and accordingly, the number of vacancies filled will be 143.

(ii) Following notes are included to para 6 :
(i) Note :

The officers, who have completed the active period of service indicated in (a), (b), (c) above as per the current Grade in Public Management Assistants’ Service and have completed the relevant Efficiency Bar Examination which should be completed in prescribed number of sittings as per the provisions in the Service Minute as at 31.12.2017 but are unable to complete the satisfactory period of service only due to the reason of losing the confirmation in service or promotion as at the closing date of application as a result of delaying the relief of Efficiency Bar Examination on
administrative reasons, can also apply for this examination.

(ii) Note :
However, the opportunity granted for these officers to apply and sit for the examination shall not necessarily mean that they have acquired a qualification to get promoted and the letter of promotion to Supra Grade is issued only after earning relevant confirmation/promotion having satisfied the completion of satisfactory period of service
in the Public Management Assistants’ Service.

(iii) The closing date of application mentioned in para 7(b) is extended up to 31.12.2017. Accordingly, the applicants should satisfy all the qualifications as at 31.12.2017.

(iv) It is informed that the applicants who have already applied to refrain from applying again. On the order of the Public Services Commission,

J. J. Rathnasiri,
Ministry of Public Administration and
Ministry of Public Administration and Management,
Independence Square,
Colombo 07,
30th of November, 2017.



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