Plan sri lanka vacancies -Transformation Manager

Vacancy for the post of Transformation Manager

Plan International started operating in Sri Lanka in 1981 to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

Our work promotes social cohesion, gender equality and diversity in areas where we can have the biggest impact, such as former conflict-affected communities. Our work also targets the most vulnerable children and young people, especially girls.

Our key areas of work include:

  • Providing parents and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to support the full development of children under 5 years, including those with disabilities
  • Helping vulnerable children, especially girls, go to school and get a quality education. We also strengthen education governance and the existing national education system to ensure long-term change.
  • Preventing violence, exploitation and supporting children who are survivors of abuse. Our work also improves systems and policies on child protection. 
  • Helping young people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be socially active and earn a living.



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