College Admission -2018 | Students To Diploma Level Courses (NVQ 5/6) – Colleges of Technology/ Technical Colleges – 2018


Department of Technical Education and Training Admission of Students To Diploma Level
Courses (NVQ 5/6) Conducted at Colleges of Technology/ Technical
Colleges– 2018

APPLICATIONS are invited from eligible candidates for
courses conducted in Colleges of Technology/ Technical
Colleges appearing in this notification. Students will be
selected for admission according to their qualifications and
merit, and the capacity in each course.

02. The prospective candidates are advised to prepare
applications by themselves on a A4 sheet of paper in
accordance with the “Specimen Application form” given
in this notification. As specified in item 14 in the specimen
application form, duly completed applications should be sent
under Registered Cover to reach the Director/ Principal
of the respective College of Technology/ Technical
College on or before 12/01/2018.
All details in this connection are published in the web site and your application for courses, can also
be submitted through this web site.

03. The top left hand corner of the envelope should be
marked with the title of the course applied for, with its
course code.

04. Applications received after the closing date will be

05. A Fee of Rs.5,000/- will be charged for Part Time /
Evening Course per year.

06. All Courses are conducted only in English medium. (A
foundation English module for 300 hours will be conducted
to facilitate students)

07. Attention of all Candidates is invited to the Schedule
of Courses annexed at the end of this notification, which
indicates the nature of courses, eligibility requirements for
each course, the colleges where the courses are conducted,
the addresses of Colleges of Technology/ Technical Colleges
are shown in the List of Colleges.

08. A candidate seeking admission to follow a course in
these Colleges of Technology/ Technical Colleges should(i)
have a good character;
(ii) be a citizen of Sri Lanka;
(iii) Have fulfilled all the eligibility requirements for
admission at the time of forwarding the application.

09. Suitable candidates will be selected on the results
of an interview. In doing so, priority will be given to the
applicants with NVQ level 3/4 qualifications.

10. Any documents or copies should not be submitted
along with the application. Those candidates who fail to
produce the necessary and acceptable documents to prove
their eligibility at the interview will be disqualified.

(i) Students of full time / day course will be paid a
stipend of Rs. 50/= per day subject to a Maximum
of Rs.1000/= per month, based on the attendance
to the classes and the family income.
(ii) An Annual bursary of Rs. 2,500/= will be paid to
full time/ day course students selected from low
income families.
(iii) If required, students of fulltime/ day courses can
obtain concessionary season tickets for the train or
SLTB buses.

12. Those who wish to enroll in the Part Time / Weekend
courses should have been employed in the relevant field.

13. The candidate is held entirely responsible for the
authenticity of his/her documents. Candidates who submit
documents that have been tampered with or forged or not
proved in fact at the interview will be rejected.

14. Director General of this department has the discretion
to commence or suspend a course, in case sufficient number
of applications is not received for the courses scheduled to
be conducted at colleges listed in this Gazette for 2018.

15. Candidates can apply for more than one course using
separate application forms for each Course.
M. R. P. Muthunayaka,
Additional Director General
(Administration & Financial),
Director General (Acting),
Department of Technical Education & Training.
P.O. Box 557,
Olcot Mawatha, Colombo 10,

List of Colleges (Click Here)

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