Vacancies Ministry of Health Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine

Management Assistant (Ward Clerk),
Attendant (Male/Female),
Telephone Operator, Cook

Closing Date: 2018-05-14 

Government Gazzette Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine
Source: Government Gazette (2018.04.12)


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9 thoughts on “Vacancies Ministry of Health Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine”

  1. I passed o/l exam.
    Mathematical A
    Sinhala B
    Science B
    History A
    Geography A
    Islam A
    Home economic C
    Art C
    English S
    I dint do a/l exam. I liked to join government job. Plz kindly I requested.

  2. Sinhala B
    Buddihist B
    Geography c
    Dancing C
    Maths C
    Agry culture C
    History S
    Science C
    I liked to join government job.please kindly i request .

  3. I like to join in government job . I passe o/l and A/L
    I have experience Driveing havey licence 12 years.
    I like( ambulance driver work) if you have any vacancies please cantact me. My details. .

  4. I like to join in goverment job.i am passed o/l exam…under the my result.i am at 19 years old.

    Islam -A
    Tamil -A
    Maths -C
    Tamil lit.-B
    Sinhala -A
    Science -S
    I.C.T. – B
    Please kindly i request. My other details ask to you please contect me.

  5. I passed (O/L) exam
    Sinhala :- C
    Buddihist :- C
    English :- W
    Dancing :-C
    Maths :-S
    History :-C
    Science :-S
    Business and accounting :-w
    Agriculture :- S
    Phone number [070 – 4411622]
    School :- ku/ wimala surendra
    Birth day :- 01/11/2001
    Address :- Narammala para,
    Wadakada waththa

  6. 21 years old
    O/L results
    English – A
    Maths – B
    Sinhala- B
    Buddhism – B
    Literature – C
    ICT- S ( But I have done an ICT course after my O/Ls)
    History – C
    French – S
    Science – S
    Have driving license, Followed an English course at the Open University

  7. I have passed g/c/e o/l exam with 8 subjects.
    Buddhism – A
    Civi edu. – A
    Science – A
    Sinhala – B
    I.C.T – B
    History – C
    English – C
    Maths – C
    Eng literature – W

    Birth date – 1998.03.27
    Address – amba sewana,pothuwewa.rideebendiella
    Contact no – 0763701734

  8. This is my o/l results
    Religion : A
    Maths :A
    Science : B
    Sinhala : B
    Commerce : B
    Appreciation : B
    Ict : C
    English : S
    History : S

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