Why Sri lanka needs one million jobs by 2020

An opponent of trade liberalization has recently tried to score a cheap debating point by questioning the need to create one million jobs.

Argument has been that the official statistics showed only 400,000 unemployed persons.

Low unemployment rate

The unemployment rate is the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.

It is not a percentage of the population as a whole but of the labour force, or those who are Working or looking for work. According to the Department of Census and Statistics, it was 4.2% at the end of the first quarter of 2016. Taking the most recent numbers from the 2014 Labour sam’ Force Survey, this yields a number higher than, but still in the range ndicated by our debater 548,000.  (source from daily FT)

 The jobs currently available in Sri Lanka are unattractive. Need for better lobs a If we are to escape from the middle-income trap and get established on a high-growth trajectory, it is imperative that all sectors of society understand the importance of creating jobs with the characteristics demanded by our young people and by the women who are sitting out the job market. These character statistics include, but are not limited to, adequate salaries perhaps in excess of Rs. 40 – 45,000 a month as stated by the Prime Minister recently. Jobs that involve hard labour in the outdoors such as work in the booming construction industry and in commercial agriculture will require even more. If these conditions are met, those laboring in the Middle East and elsewhere can attracted back home and those under-employed and sitting in three wheeler under trees redirected to remunerative jobs.

Recently i met a person who is well educated and riding Pickme Taxi partime, had a chat while travelling on the way he share his view points about the unemployment rate of srilanka and his friend net work also doing the same this as he did, but says he is satisfied with current employment rather than a typical government job.



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