Learn ICT free with Open University Online course ( Video Added)

“Enhancing ICT Skills” – FREE ICT LEARNING

Now you can learn ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills free with online course offered by Open University of Sri Lanka by following their course titled “Enhancing ICT Skills”. You can download all the lessons as a pdf book and follow this course. Also there are free video lessons for each lesson.

Structure of course

This course consists of one book. And it contains Fundamentals of ICT, Working with Computers, Word Processing, Spreadsheet Management, Database Handling, Electronic Presentation, The Internet and Communication, Managing a Computer.

The Course material will be given with the Practical Guide and the Multimedia CD, and in order to get the best from this course be sure to use these  materials simultaneously. And also you will be supported from the Learner Management System (Moodle) in an interactive manner.

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Download the book

Download the free book (411 pages)
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Download Multimedia courses

One example multimedia lesson is given here:


Visit Here for more info and video meterials



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