Fundamental Rights of Sri Lankans (VIDEO)



The Constitution of Sri Lanka provisions Fundamental Rights (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Freedom from torture, Right to equality, Freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention and punishment, and prohibition of retro active penal legislation, Freedom of Speech, assembly, association, movement, &c.)

Some restrictions to Fundamental Rights may apply with good faith, for the well being of the Sri Lankan society.

It is understandable and justifiable, to limit individual freedom in specific occasions, to protect the rights of all Sri Lankans, when considering the big picture.

Security as well as Economic, Social, Political Stability of Sri Lanka takes precedence over Fundamental Rights, because Fundamental Rights / Democracy prevails only within a Secured and a Stable state.

The Sri Lankan Constitution shows openness to accept further human rights, not limited to the constitution, but within the framework of the constitution, with an intent to avoid abuses.

Provisions to contest infringements of human rights by authority, depicts fairness and broadness of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Therefore, it is my final conclusion that the Constitution of Sri Lanka appreciates the fundamental rights of Sri Lankan Citizens, within a local (Sri Lankan) perspective.

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