Fail in ALevels?? Don’t Worry. You have 24 Opportunities!!!

Fail in A levels? Don’t be worry. Only University Entrance not to decide your entire life. There are so many ways and opportunities after that. Find the greatest opportunity and bright your life.

Some of them are Below

1.A Leval second or third time

2.External degrees

3.Technical college

4.Open University

5.Law college

6.Teachers college

7.National Institute of social development

8.Vocational training centers

9.Private university

10.Private institutes

11.Foreign scholarship

12.Banking and Financial Institute

After that if  you holding minimum results in A/L (Having “s” Passes) there are more competitive exams ahead. sharp your knowledge in the fiend of “General Knowledge” “Aptitude” and  “Intelligence”

*Banking Exams

*Management Assistant

*Grama niladhari

*Samurthi officer

*Agrarian officer

*Office labour

*Police services

*Nursing exam

*Railway officer

*Jail guard

*Driving exam

*Transport officer

*Office assistant

*Financial officer

There are lot of opportunities ahead.. Don’t Worry!! Be Happy!!

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