Electrical Engineer – Water board Job Vacancies 2018

water board job vacancies 2018, water board job vacancies 2018 | water board job vacancies | national water supply and drainage board vacancies Closing Date: 2018-01-15  National Water Supply & Drainage Board Source: Sunday Observer (2017.12.31) Names, addresses and contact telephone numbers of Two (02) persons who have issued testimonials with regard to past experience of the […]

RDA Vacancies – Document Specialist

Closing Date – 2018-January-03 Document Specialist / iRoad – Integrated Road Investment Program – Road Development Authority 2017   Instructions to Candidates Contact Numbers : 011-2046200 / 011-2548660 / 011-2539422 Source – Sunday Observer (2017.12.17)

Farm Manager, Extension Officer, Technological Officer – Department of Export Agriculture

Closing Date: 2018-01-08 Government GazzetteDepartment of Export Agriculture Source: Government Gazette (2017.12.08) The Department of Export Agriculture (DEA) is a main government institution which comes under the purview of Ministry of Minor Export Crops Promotion, is responsible for the Research and Development by means of productivity, production and quality improvements of a group of perennial, […]