How to Earn Money through Web Hosting Business in Sri lanka

This article is specially for those people who are interested in how to earn money through web hosting business in Sri lanka. This guide will teach you how you can make from $100 to $500 per month at the comfort of your home. Not many people know that more than 1 million web sites daily emerged on internet which means it’s a very large business and all we have to do is to put some money in it. You can start his business in less than $100 which makes it even better and reliable. You can provide domain and web hosting service in very cheap rates by buying reseller package.


Best Reseller Web Hosting

There are tons of sites providing cheap reseller hosting plans but in my view ResellerClub is the best. The best thing about them is that have a very cheap basic plan which you can join under $10 per month. In this plan you can add 20 customers which means that you can at-least generate $200 per month. This is just a very basic example and when your customers grows you can increase your plan and earn more.



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