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To make money from Google Adsense you must need to have your own website or blog. As you have learned in previous articles that forums without technical knowledge and Search Engine optimization of your website. If you have a well SEO optimized website with great unique and quality content, so, no doubt that Google AdSense will approve your site for their publisher program then you ready to make money with Google Adsense. And, of course, if you are a website owner or a publisher so there is one of the best and also a familiar way to make money with Google AdSense.

Basically, what Google AdSense is:

Google AdSense is the most popular advertisement service.It provides you a specific HTML codes to implement them on your site contents. Then after pasting provided codes on AdSense behalf, you will see ads related content on your site pages.

Perform your tasks with sincerity:

Actually website owners or publishers (you) have to perform some very necessary tasks with sincerity before applying and after approving by Google AdSense for Google ads. I discuss that what’s yours job before applying and after approving but before I start telling you, keep in mind following words

Potential and Sincerity

You must potentially sincere with your job so surely AdSense will not only approve but also would like to have a long partnership with you. Meantime, you have to fulfill Google AdSense requirements with sincerity and also this is the time to fulfill those 3 promises, which you made in very first article of this series.

In actual fact, it isn’t at all such a big deal for those people; who believe in hardwork, who don’t ever find short cuts, who never give up until they get positive result and who think positive. Now lets know that what are your tasks for making money with Google AdSense.

Check List before applying for AdSense:

. You must have to optimize accurately, each page.

. You must have to write each content unique and related to website or blog theme.

. You must have to ensure yourself that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.

. You must have to keep content with proper layouts for profession looking.

. You must have to keep some essential pages, namely, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘terms of service’ and ‘contact’.

. You must have to avoid keeping including adult or mature, gambling related and hateful contents.

. You must have approximately 20-25 complete pages (shouldn’t be any parent or sub-page incomplete or under constructed).

. You must have at least 30-40 unique visitors on a daily basis.

To know the number of visitors:

It’s highly suggested you to have an account on ‘Google Analytics‘ to know the number of visitors. It’s completely free tool. There you can analyze that from where,how long and how much visitors visit on your site per day, monthly, yearly etc.

Right-time to apply for AdSense:

Now, it’s the right time to apply for AdSense but if really your site follows each point of ‘before applying’ so you can go for applying. But one more step before going to click on the button of Google AdSense for applying. Yea, one more and very important step – you have to go to the ‘AdSense program policies’ to read each and every word carefully. Remember, you won’t skip any point of them due to laziness. Whether it takes whole 1 day to complete reading or more than one, just you must have to read and also follow.

All right friends, if you think that your site is according to AdSense policies so let’s take a next step without getting delay, go to the following link http://adsense.google.com for applying. You will be approved within 2 to 15 working days and after getting approved you will get HTML codes fro copying and pasting into related pages where you satisfy to show the ads.

After pasting codes, you will be able to see the ads on your site pages within some hours and if unfortunately, you don’t able to see the ads within 1 or 2 days so it means something went wrong during pasting. You have either pasted codes in a wrong place or you have missed some part of provided codes. So,in this case,check again.

Designs and Types of Google Adsense Ads:

You must have some idea that there are 3 designs of ads.

1. Text ads.
2. Image ads.
3. And,Video ads.

Also take a look on given image for confirmation.

Google AdSense units




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You can display the ads either vertically or horizontally and the placement of ads is also in your hand, you can place the ads where you get satisfy, be aware during placing, must be in proper places and also you can customize the colors of ads to blend with your site’s theme but there is a limit for having ads, you can have a maximum of 3 ads per page.

Best placement for Google AdSense Ads




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Let’s suppose that you have done your tasks perfectly that what to do before applying and also Google ads are being displayed on your site’s pages. Now let me tell you that ‘after approving’ what are your tasks and what you must have to do.

Keep following given points ‘after approving’ for AdSense:

. You (website owners or publishers) must have to avoid clicking on ads own site.

. You must have to avoid emphasizing or making some other person to click on the ads.

. You must have to avoid placing ads that visitors consider the ads as a part of content.

. You must have to avoid placing ads that visitors click on them accidentally.

. You must have to avoid feeding unconnected content.

Google AdSense having an authority to disapprove your sites:

You must know that Google AdSense having a right that can disapprove your sites for showing google ads any time, of course, after approving.

But AdSense team will inform you the reason that why did they disapproved and even can approve again if you remove mistakes what about AdSense team complained.

I cover this topic in few words that:

First follow AdSense program policies then AdSense surely would love to have a long successful partnership with you

In simple words, you (website owners or publishers) are an employee of Google AdSense so must fulfill your boss’s (AdSense’s) requirements what it wants and I’m sure if you read AdSense program policies attentively so why not you have a long and successful partnership with Google.

Traffic matters to become successful Adsense Publisher:

If, your site is, having lots of unique organic visitors on a regular basis so that is beneficial for both, you and AdSense.

For you as that: the more visitors you have on your site so the more you have chances to make enough money.

For AdSense as that: the more visitors you have on your site, so the ads will be clicked more by visitors.

Actually AdSense likes the most that your site’s visitors click on ads their-selves, no body force them to do.

Google AdSense monitors carefully:

Google AdSense knows each and every step of yours (website owners or publishers) and even your site’s visitors that where and how do they come to visit on your site.

Because Google AdSense having both, automated system and human eyes for monitoring so don’t try to do even think for any kind of cheating. If you try then loss is only yours, your site will be disapproved in a next moment.

So my Pals, it’s all about your potential and sincerity to make money with Google AdSense and also keep in mind this that in starting, you will make little but surely it will progress day by day on a base of your spirit.

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