Make Money Online by Classified Ad Posting in Srilanka

Are you looking for a genuine online income source? But, don’t know anything about online money making policy/program? Don’t worry, you can do this! You just need a working business strategy to make money online.

In this post you’re going to learn how you can make money using free classified advertising.

Three simple but very effective ways to make money by free classified ad posting in Srilanka.

Probably we all know the classified site,,,  etc. Generally, people using those online classified platform to buy and sell items locally. But, only a few people know that those sites are also an awesome platform to make some profit online. Here presenting three useful options to make money on free classified sites-

Option 1. Selling Products: As mentioned earlier, today people like to use online classified sites to buy and sell their used products. So, naturally free classified sites became the most useful platform to deal with local customers and sellers. But, do you know that you can use those sites for a serious buying and selling purpose also? Here the how-

It can be done in two ways-

  • By selling your local products within more wider area.
  • By reselling a seller’s product.

Selling your local products within more wider area: collect old items from your local area and sell them by placing free classified ads on free classified sites. Remember, classified advertising is only works for local customers where you can meet them physically. Otherwise, you can use the eBay listing to sell your products internationally using shipping services.

To do this, you no need to have a great knowledge on internet marketing. You can earn a decent income in a very short time just by investing a little capital.

By reselling a seller’s product: You can also buy products from classified sellers to sell them locally. If you think that your purchased products might be highly demanded in outside your locality, then, you can resell it using same classified sites also. (buying from or and sell them adding with margin) as you know lot of our people earning lot of money through this kind of methods. Eg mobile accessories, memory cards, auto parts, household item. (if you have some doubt please write on comments below)

Option 2. Promoting Other’s Business: Many companies are promoting their business through free classified ad posting. You join to their ad posting program and to make money for every single ad posting. It’s basically called ad posting jobs.

Othewise, you can make a group with your friends and build a simple website with your business information like- “We’re promoting business at a very low cost” that people can know who are you and what your’e doing.

After that, start promoting the website through classified sites and social media. You can also email to many companies who already promoting their business through classified ad posting. Take a close look at the many famous classified site, you will definitely see many companies.

It’s very hard to get an order but, once you get one then, you can make a lot of money from that.

Option 3. Promoting Referral Programs: There are also many legitimate referral programs (also known paid to join programs) available on the internet to earn money by referring others. You can earn more commission from it by getting more people under you.

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