Labour Laws in SriLanka

Employment Security

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Written Employment Particulars The Shop and Office Employees Act, 1954 requires the employer to furnish the particulars of a worker’s employment on the commencement of his/her work. The written employment contract must include the following…

Work and Wages

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Minimum Wage There is no single minimum wage in Sri Lanka. Minimum wages are determined by sector specific tripartite boards for more than 40 trades in Sri Lanka. Minimum wage may be determined on hourly,…


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Overtime Compensation In accordance with the Shop and Office Employees Act, normal working hours are 8 hours per day and 45 hours per week. The Factories Ordinance states that the normal working hours must not…

Working Hours and Holidays

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Working Hours and Holidays in Sri Lanka: There are three laws that set the working hours, rest intervals and different types of holidays -Wages Board Ordinance of 1941, Shop and Office Employees Act of 1954,…

Annual Leave and Holidays

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Paid Vacation / Annual Leave An employee is entitled to take annual leave when the next calendar year starts. The duration of that first annual leave period is determined according to the date/month on which…